Dear friends and clients, here at O’Connor Law Firm, LLC, we took substantial steps to ensure the coronavirus spread will be limited in its effect throughout our office. As of yesterday, 1/2 of our office will be working remotely while the other half will be in the office. By doing so, we are able to maintain social distancing and would quickly be able to substitute out anyone infected, should there be a contamination. We anticipate being able to perform all of our normal job functions and duties. Our goal is to continue to work as normally as possible, even though we may not all be in the office together. We are hopeful the virus will be contained and we can resume normal office hours soon

In the meantime, When you call us, we will answer the phone. When you email us, we will email you back. There will always be an attorney in the office. The only exception to the normal routine, may be the requirement of an in person meeting. We will make sure that we maintain appropriate health standards so as not to infect or contaminate anyone unnecessarily. Furthermore, the chief judge for the Circuit Court of cook county last night announced a 30 day shutdown of the courts. Most if not all of the other Courts are implementing the same procedure. What that means for you is that within the next 30 days there will be no civil jury trials proceeding. Emergency motions will continue to be heard routine status motion and appearances will be continued. We are happy to answer any questions. We wish you all to be safe, healthy and happy.

Kevin W. O’Connor

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